Every since my dad let me hold his Super 8mm camera I have been captivated by the ability to record daily life and mold it into a story. My dad was a gadget junkie. He had one of the first color televisions on our block, maybe in our town. He had a brand new cassette recorder/player, bye bye 8 track. He had (sigh) a video camera. A big heavy plastic camera that held a huge video tape and with a little ingenuity (and a VCR) I figured out how to edit that video into a story, a bike story, a travel story, some silly thing from our backyard.

The arrival of desktop video editing (grrr) finally made it all come together for me. I could record the shots, download them to the computer and make a story, with…cross dissolves. In my humble opinion, the holy grail of video editing, the cross dissolve.

I love it. I’ve shot video in San Francisco, LA, New Orleans, New Zealand, at a castle in Croatia, rodeo footage at a dude ranch in Ohio, climbing through san ancient fortress in Italy, racing across the majestic terrain of Moab, Utah with a camera strapped to my helmet, racing down the slopes at Steamboat Springs or Mammoth Mountain or Kirkwood.

I’ve followed my kids (and family) around for 18 years with a number of video cameras recording holidays and family gatherings.

I edit on an Apple Mac Pro box with Final Cut Express (after giving up on PCs, grrrr) and am presently teaching myself Final Cut Pro X ( don’t laugh, it works)

I have recorded with an HD video camera, an iPhone, a Flip and a couple of little point and shooters… all moving images. 

So please feel free to check in once and a while to see a story.